Parts, specifications etc.

Brake fluid

DOT #4 (or #3)

Front break free play

2-5 mm at end of leaver

Rear brake adjustment

Top should be positioned 30-40mm below top of footrest


1,5mm wear limit

Clutch freeplay

10-15mm at end of leaver

Throttle cable free play


Cable lubrication

SAE 10W30 motor oil

Brake and shift pedals lubrication

SAE 10W30 motor oil

Brake and clutch levers lubrication

SAE 10W30 motor oil

Side- and centerstand lubrication

SAE 10W30 motor oil

Rear suspension lubrication

Lithium soap base grease (bush type), 5 nipler

Steering bearing lubrication

Medium weight wheel bearing grease (bearing type)

Engine oil type

SAE 20W40 SE (10W30 om vinteren)

Engine oil amount

4,2l total; 3,8l periodic change; 3,9l with filter replacement

Engine oil check

Warm up until oil temperature 60ºC; hold motorcycle upright; Idle min 10sec; stop; fill to max level

Coolant type

High quality ethylene glycol antifreeze containing corrosion inhibitors for aluminium engines

Coolant/water ratio


Coolant amount

1,7l total; 0,45l reservoir tank; 0,45l from Low to Full

Chain slack

25-35mm, motorcycle upright without rider

Tire preasure, front

2,25kg/cm², 33psi

Tire preasure, rear

2,25kg/cm², 33psi; 2,50kg/cm², 36psi above 90kg load or high speed riding

Front tire size

90/90-21 54H

Rear tire size

140/80-17 69H

Front tire type

Bridge. TW47; Metz Enduro3; Pirelli MT60

Rear tire type

Bridge. TW48; Metz Enduro3; Pirelli MT60

Fuel type

Regular unleaded, 91 octane or higher

Fuel amount

26l total; 5l reserve


30A main; 10A fan motor

Idle speed



DPR8EA (NGK), X24EPR-U9 (Nippondenso); 0,8-0,9mm gap

Battery type

YB14L-A/12V 14AH


2x 12V 45/40W bulb; 12V 4W auxiliary

Tail/brake light

2x 12V 5W/21W

Flasher lights

12V 21W

Meter/indicator lights

12V 3,4W